Be mindful, young Patawan. . .

Have had a nice long, pretty productive day working (and reading) at home. Been thinking about this new blog, and my goal to have one post per day about my quest for enlightenment.

A few, related things have come to mind.

A book I never read, but the title continues to speak to me: Wherever you go, there you are.

Something a worker in a café in a foreign country (I can’t remember the source; sorry) said once to someone who had burst in, frantically lost: “You’re not lost, you’re right here.”

So I spent the day paying attention. I made myself poached eggs and sourdough toast and savored every bite, I played with the soap bubbles while I washed a few dishes, cleaned out and reorganized two of the drawers in my kitchen, found a new blog I love and can’t figure out how I had missed it for so long, laid on the couch under a crazily-soft blanket and read some of Lean In and felt sad about the recent death of each of my parents, and felt myself feel sad and it was okay, practiced The Banshee and reveled in the bizarre sounds and the strange grit of copper-wound strings against my fingernails.

I asked Husband the other day if he thought that the only way not to feel that time is always flying by is just to be colossally bored every single moment of every single day, but I think maybe it’s just a matter of paying attention.

Today's lily


6 thoughts on “Be mindful, young Patawan. . .

  1. Ah! So the idea of this is to post once a day?

    I like this post; it has a melancholy glow similar to that of nostalgia. Any time I force myself to pay attention to the world, it’s fun how interesting it becomes, but sad to know that I usually miss it.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. Sometimes even when I make vows to Pay Attention, I look back and wonder how much I actually noticed, or have forgotten.

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