from darkness to light

Been thinking today about the different messages brought to us by different religions and philosophies.

Once on a marquis outside a Reformed Church: Your soul is black as dirt, but God loves you anyway.

The pastor at the church where I am music director talks often of our brokenness.

After yoga we bow and chant Om, shanti (peace)’ Namaste (that which is divine within me honors that which is divine within you).


While I do not disagree with the fact that we are all damaged, hurt, injured, sad, disappointed, that life beats us up and kicks us around, that looking out for ways to help those around us can only be a good thing, I can’t help but wonder how much more light can we shine upon the world if we believe that we are actually glorious, how much more can we give by believing we have it in the first place, how much more happiness can we find and share when we believe that we are ALL divine?

Om, shanti.


2 thoughts on “from darkness to light

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