The artist (still) known as I Am Morley

One of my favorite bloggers, who goes by the nom de plume Quieter Elephant had posted something from the artist known as I  Am Morley. He is quirky and self-reflective and in many ways a lot like me, including his need for outside approval and his questioning his role/mission as seer/”poet”/commentator.

Morley makes posters, which include an image of him writing or painting the poster, and hangs them everywhere. Some of them get painted over right away. All are cool, insightful. I am now a fan. Just spent (not wasted, spent) an entertaining and enlightening 45 minutes going through the first 10 or so pages of his blog and adding him to my list of blogs I follow (which is getting quite long — I may have to rethink my work load if I’m even to pretend to keep up with all this reading, especially with the Sunday NYTimes, my weekly New Yorkers and the 2 or 3 books I’m usually reading at the same time).

The most recent post on his blog shows him distributing medals he made awarding people for “the distinguished act of behaving like a real person and practicing basic consideration for others instead of just being an asshole all the time.” He hung them on signs and from buildings and around mannequin’s necks (is that really how one spells “mannequin”? Weird), and gave some to people he saw on the street, and ends the video with this: “To whoever finds the medals, try to do your best to deserve them.”

Anyway, this poster in particular seemed to speak to my guru project:


In case it’s hard for you to read:
“With the sea to our backs, and tomorrow at the breach of our lips,
we ride at the highest speed, laugh like our souls have never known hunger
and live our lives awake.”

Spot on.

6 thoughts on “The artist (still) known as I Am Morley

    • I know, right?
      I was just thinking about you this morning — wanna come to a yoga class with me one of these weeks? I’ve got two I love, Mondays at 9 and Wednesdays at noon. This Monday wouldn’t be as good because I’d like to make you a cup of coffee after and I have to go right somewhere afterwards. Email me?

      Glad you like the new blog!

  1. I like stuff like that. Scouts Canada hand out those rubber bracelets each year to kids who do a “good turn”. The “daily good turn” concept dates from Baden-Powell’s first ideas in 1907. The idea is for them to pass them on to others they see doing something worthy. Obviously (given there’s a URL and phone number on them) it’s cheap advertising too, but I like the idea.

    Oh – and I’m glad you’re SPENDING your time so irrelevantly. 🙂

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