my failure. . .

So, so much for posting once per day.

Was away for a few days visiting First Son in his new town and getting a tour of his Place of Employment at his First Real Job After College.

We had a lovely visit, but between the eating and the shopping and the museum going and the driving, I didn’t have much time for posting. I did have a pretty serious 3-day bout of insomnia, so I guess I could have posted when I wasn’t sleeping, but that didn’t seem like a good idea given that I was staying with friends and didn’t want to be up moving around and waking up everybody else.

I seem to have cured it last night with Yogi bedtime tea, a 3 mg. dose of melatonin, and some Neroli oil rubbed into my temples.

Talking with very good friend, whom I’ve known since the early 90s, I remembered this video from a couple of years ago. She’s an avid paddler, but agrees that this guy might be a little crazy. If you turn off the sound it’s quite the beautiful, serene experience. Hope you enjoy./

2 thoughts on “my failure. . .

    • Seems he’s wearing a dry suit, so maybe 20 minutes? I just thought it was beautiful, and, with the obnoxious music turned off, quite peaceful.

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