what I seek

Spent the day with Only Daughter, and an old friend, and then making a fabulous dinner for Husband*.

Still all good.

Spent some time browsing around a fun town near which I used to live. Lots of new stores, some fun places I hadn’t been in before. There was a kitchen/spices store, where I had a brief hopeful moment that I would find the “All You Need is Love” sign I’ve been looking for.

Like the one in this kitchen.



Then spent a lot of the day thinking about that — that it seems true, how lucky we are when we find it, how to keep it, how to remember EVERY SINGlE GODDAMN DAY how important it is.

Rumi had it:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

All the doors are open. And the windows too.  Bring it on.


*Mussels soup with shallots and thyme; polenta, roasted asparagus, a medium-rare tenderloin, a beautiful Barolo with the steak, chocolate cake with raspberry coulis, Grand Marnier. Some of my best work. You can tell it was a good meal because every pan in the house was dirty and I used three cookbooks.



6 thoughts on “what I seek

  1. That’s an interesting concept inherent in the quote – that the state of loving is somehow our ‘natural’ state, but that we block it off from ourselves.

    In cooking terms, I’m a bit afraid of polenta, but I’m easily frightened

    • Ah, yes, I think that it’s true. For me, at least, I spend most of my time getting in my own way.

      I’ll post the polenta recipe on Just Sayin’. It’s REALLY easy and practically foolproof.

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