Serenity Now!

Not doing so well with my pursuit for inner peace today.

The external voices and tribulations are out-shouting the tiny little voice humming Ommmm, shanti, shanti, shanti, Ommmmm, shanti, shanti, shanti.

It’s a struggle isn’t it?

I’m not going to try to find it through ice cream, internet shopping (although if someone could hook me up with a pair of red Mary Jane’s, 8.5W I might be tempted), nor making fun of Margaret Thatcher. Temporary solutions, all of them.

A friend kind of tried to talk me down today, until her own duties called her away. Her final text to me is the subject of this post — Serenity Now! and I wrote back, “and could you hurry it up a little please?”

Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking it might be time to figure out what I actually want to “do” when I grow up. If you know of any job leads for an overly-educated above-average pianist with Buddhist leanings and an overdeveloped sense of her own sense of humor, please send them my way.





2 thoughts on “Serenity Now!

    • One can hope, I suppose.
      (I’m often being ironical, and quite sure that I’m the only one who is getting the joke. Maybe you, and “Quieter Elephant,” but otherwise only me. Thanks for reading!)

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