and again

. . .you deserve everything. . .


2 thoughts on “and again

  1. I had an interesting chat with a “proper” Canadian the other day about Brits and “class”. We hypothesised that “class” is not merely wealth, but a deep sense of what you’re “entitled to” – whether it’s a Pythonesque ownership of huge…. tracts of land, or a regular kicking from the governor of the manor.
    Despite the changes since WWII, we concluded that it did underpin the generally smooth operation of Old World countries, since people tended to not expect much social climbing as “normal”, and so were largely content with their “lot”.
    We also thought it might lie at the core of envy of the US, where immigrants are led to believe that “anyone can be President”. For most, this is simply not realistic, but potentially fosters a sense of entitlement, along with the unquestionable “drive” so rightly deserved of Americans.
    Of course – we might have been drunk! 😉

  2. I can never remember if the huge. . . tracts of land line is from Lord of the Rings or Monty Python. . .

    But, perhaps more importantly: by “deserve” I don’t really mean “are entitled to.”

    The best I can explain it is that many of us (well, me and a few of my friends at least) alternate between feeling that we are not worthy and feeling that the world would be a much better place if everyone would just wake up and realize our general awesome-ness and give us the positions of power and requisite salary to go along with it, along with an occasional high five and/or pat on the head.

    We’re afraid to ask, because we think we don’t deserve. We’re afraid to speak up when we feel we’ve been shorted or overlooked, because we think we don’t deserve. We just wait, for years sometimes, always doing our best, quite sure it’s not actually good enough but no one’s paying enough attention to have found us out yet, because we can’t POSSIBLY deserve ANY of the good things that we already have, much less any of those other good things which we want but haven’t attained yet.

    And again, I’m not talking about a bigger TV or a fancier house (with a staff) or nicer jewelry — but jobs that we’ve worked hard to be qualified for and children who help and respect us and load their own dishes in the dishwasher and spouses that talk and listen to us and think we’re generally the cat’s pajamas.

    Even when we have these things, we often don’t think we deserve them.

    Maybe it’s a girl thing.

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