We be jammin’

There’s a little boy at “my” church who loves the piano.

He’s “plunked” the keys a few times in the middle of services — once as I was heading around the back to direct the bell choir, once on his way back from communion, but dad intercepted so he didn’t actually get any notes down.

And today.

I finished the Prelude. The opening announcements are made. The pastor stands to begin the service and I hear this little voice from behind me say, with joy and wonder, “Piano!” and then plunk. All ten little fingers on the lowest keys. Everyone turns to look, the Pastor raises his eyebrows, I lift my hands in apology and say “It wasn’t me!”

We all laughed for a bit; I laughed to myself for about 10 minutes.

This boy is a whirlwind.

I imagine his parents are exhausted. He never sits still. Never.

But that wonder and joy. I doubt any of my students approach the instrument in quite the same way.



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