time to give up?

I question the importance/impact of Second Son playing Grand Theft Auto version Whatever and I get a response that includes this sentence:

“Parents like you.”

Parents like me?

Meaning parents who love, protect, worry about, and hope for joy, happiness, peace, empathy, kindness and generosity from and for their children?

I think he might have meant something else.

Parents like me.


2 thoughts on “time to give up?

  1. You know, I reckon all of us (parents and children) probably take each other for granted way too much. Because we’ve spent so long with each other and we can predict each other’s behavior, we tend to think that we know each other and we know what motivates that behavior. I mean, I don’t know what motivates my own behavior a lot of the time, how can my children have any idea? And, probably unjustifiably generalizing to a whole sub-species, could an added complication be that males don’t care what motivates other people?

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