Now get out there and break something!

“. . .The truth is that our childhoods shape us like clay, and then the years glaze and bake us till there is no way we can change who we are without breaking something.”

~Sybil Smith, Imoegene’s Prayer, The Sun, February 2014

And the thing is, we’re often SO afraid of breaking something that we don’t change, even when we believe/think/hope that we want to.

The best things that ever happened to me happened right after I was willing to break something. It reminds me a little bit of how I play monopoly vs. how I run my life. It’s so easy to be a tycoon when the money is pink and blue and yellow and the property you might earn a fortune on, or might just as easily lose, is a 3″ square with a little red plastic hotel on it.

No great gain without some kind of risk.

easy vs worth it

Now get out there and break something.

But only if you want to.


4 thoughts on “Now get out there and break something!

  1. You’ll probably laugh at me for this, but I’m going through a sort of “breaking something” process at the moment. I think my equivalent is that I have a tendency to hoard things ‘just in case’ I need them, and they end up a kind of albatross round my neck. But that’s based on a fear of not being able to cope with new events and challenges without the assurance of the past around me. So I’m taking a risk, and throwing out those ‘just in case’ items and heading off into the future with a (very slightly) new sense of adventure.

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