It’s all up to you

Steven Colbert, via Joel Lovell, and the August issue of GQ:

“It’s our choice, whether to hate something in our lives or to love every moment of them, even the parts that bring us pain. ‘At every moment, we are volunteers.'”


2 thoughts on “It’s all up to you

  1. Well, yes, but what would it mean if I loved every moment of the parts of my life that brought me pain? Wouldn’t that suggest a certain inappropriate acceptance of those painful moments?

    • You’re asking the wrong question — it’s not about appropriate or not, it’s about acceptance, which just needs to be.

      You can’t go back and unmake those moments, you can only make something better from them — you can forget, or forgive, if necessary, (including forgiving yourself) and move forward. Those are the only options. There is nothing you can do about the past; there isn’t really all that much you can do about the future except by doing your best about today.

      “there is no wrong way

      to remember the grace of your
      own body; no choice

      that can unmake itself.

      There is only now, here,
      look: you are already


      – Sierra DeMulder

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