wait for the happy ending

“The difference between a happy ending and an unhappy ending is simply the place you decide to stop telling your story.”

~Stephen Elliott, “Sometimes I Think About Suicide”, The Sun, November 2016, Issue 491

(If you’re still here, it’s not over.)

what ARE you afraid of?


What room does fear have, when you make room for love?


Just now realizing that this is from the town where I lived for 7 years. How did I not notice that before? And why does this make me feel closer to those young women? They were born long after I moved away. And yet.

Not-really-the-new-year resolutions

Only Daughter loves traveling, moving, fresh starts.

I enjoy fresh starts while realizing that I’m probably just going to be bringing most of the same problems with me, but still.

You may or may not know, but we are departing next week for four months in Brazil, where I will be teaching at the University of Brasilia on a Fulbright while Only Daughter does online school, Husband works on book projects, and we hopefully embark on many exciting adventures. You can follow along, if you’d like, at my travel blog here.

Meanwhile, we have been dealing with an extremely disappointing if not outright disturbing political landscape and the revelation of the uglier side of many, and considering different career options for me, while I try to deal with the reality of unfulfilled dreams and seek new challenges.

So, a fresh start, in many ways, and I intend to maximize on it.

Had a lovely conversation with a dear friend over lunch today, as we discussed the need to preserve our own mental health while not abandoning the needs of our society and planet, and the balancing of dreams vs. realities, acknowledging/mourning disappointments while embarking on new dreams, the need to balance our work and families while taking care of ourselves. Many of these a quest for many of us and each could fuel a blog all its own.

But I am embarking on this journey with some vows of my own, inspired by AGV:

  1. to take and enjoy each day as it comes,
  2. to focus on the opportunity rather than the obligation each situation presents,
  3. to stop spending time on regrets of the past and look ahead to the future, and, finally
  4. not to fret.

Wish me luck!!!