True Love is Unconditional

I’m going to put this here┬ápartly so I can find it again, and partly because I think it’s really interesting, true, and important (which is basically why I want to be able to find it again).

Only click if you don’t mind gratuitous swearing. I love Mark Manson, but he does have a bit of what my mother would call a “potty mouth.”

Also thinking that the best place to start is to turn all that unconditional love on oneself. [Ommmmm…..]


better advice

You might find him a little irreverent, and his language is a little colorful, but Mark Manson always seems to find a good way to give good advice. This is no exception.

Besides seeming more helpful than a lot of the “just get over it and be happy” crap out there, it also all seems to much more doable.